Our Facility. Your Facility.

SportsCity is McHenry County's premier indoor training facility.


SportsCity Travel baseball players get full Membership to SportsCity. This includes UNLIMITED hitting in our batting cages & use of unreserved tunnel time through July 31, 2021!  Our facility becomes your facility.  

SportsCity Academy offers 16,000 square feet of state-of-the-art training facilities for baseball, with a large turf infield, configurable tunnels, and full netting to allow full live batting practice.  Our facility has upgraded high-capacity lights, clear span construction (no pillars in the workout areas!), and a Big Ass brand fan to help with both cooling and heating.  

Our Iron Mike hitting area has a sloped, automatic ball return, so no need to ever waste time picking up balls to reload the hopper. SportsCity has 3 baseball machines, 2 fast-pitch softball machines, and even a slow pitch softball machine (yes, it throws ‘arc’ pitches!).


SportsCity truly meets the needs of the coach and athlete,

LEARN MORE- www.sportscityacademy.com/facrent.php

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